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for submersible pumps 4''

Built in precision casting of stainless steel where is supplemented the not return valve with double guide to avoid the blocking.

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Water-supply systems for civil and industrial uses

Staa Pompe is a reliable industrial reality with a solid and dynamic structure that has reached the complete awareness of its role in a lot years of activity.

All the performance characteristics stated are guaranteed thanks to the rigorous testing on our motor pumps undergo during the various production phases. In addition, their special construction design allows easy access to the various components, thereby considerably simplifying maintenance and repair.


Hydric plants to variable speed “GVH – GVA”. Download the new catalogue in the area download.



STAA POMPE extends own range of products with Fire Fighting Hydric Plants “GNUE” UNI EN 12845. Download the new catalogue in the area download.     >>>


Executions on request

  • Proof material to seawater
  • Different tensions or frequencies
  • Elevated temperature of the pumped liquid
  • Exit double cable for submersible motors
  • Control of temperature for submersible motors
  • Intake skirt for submersible pumps
  • Starting Star-Delta


Sewerage Pomps CatalogueSTAA POMPE offers a new range of products: the "Pomps of Drain and Sewerage". Download the new catalogue in the reserved area download.

Hydric plants automatic GS-GV STAA POMPE introduced the new catalogue of the Hydric plants automatic us for the pressurization of water distribution networks, Hydric plants GS modular standards until 3 pumps and Hydric plants GV to constant pressure until 5 pumps. Download the complete Catalogue Hydric plants GS in the area download.     >>>

The perfect performances are guarantee thanks to the strict testing that are made on all components during the different stage of production. Every product burns by an in-depth study of the single components, in order to reach the best level of efficiency and the functionality of the electric and mechanical parts.

Enter your email address and password to consult the catalogue in file .pdf of: submersible electric pumps, multistage pumps, submersible motors, electric boards, Hydric plants ...

  Download catalogue


This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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