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for submersible pumps 4''

Built in precision casting of stainless steel where is supplemented the not return valve with double guide to avoid the blocking.

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Sewerage Pumps - Submersible Electropumps

These are electric motor pumps of strong construction and completely in cast iron with mechanical seal lubricated in oil chamber, shaft in AISI 420. They are built to guarantee the maximum reliability and duration also in the uses more hard.
Available with impellers: Vortex, grinder, bi-canal, open and closed single-canal.


Submersible Electropumps Suitable for discharges of sewer and of yard, possibility of pumping of solid in suspension, in uses of:

  • Discharges of condominial and community plants
  • Industrial discharges and purification plants
  • Mud discharges
  • Breeding discharges
  • Agriculture
  • Building yard


    Pumps specifications
  • Maximum delivery until 540 cm/h
  • Maximum heads over 50 m
  • Delivery diameter from DN 32 to DN 150 mm
  • Free passage until 120 mm
  • Maximum temperature of pumped liquid + 40 C
  • Maximum depth of immersion 20 m

    Motors specifications
  • Asynchronous type with 2 and 4 poles, cooled with water to pump
  • Segregation stator class F = 155 C
  • Single-phase tension 220/230 V
  • Three-phase tension 380/415 V
  • Protection IP 68
  • Maximum deviation respect to the nominal tension +6% -10%
  • Maximum hourly starting 20 direct starting and 25 indirect starting equitably distributed
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Single-phase power until 2 kW
  • Three-phase power until 58 kW
  • Motors protection, incorporated thermal sensors and thermal relay according to VDE norms



Download catalogue in .pdf file

Specific Submersible Electropumps
PDF Submersible Electropumps catalogue in .pdf file


This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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