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for submersible pumps 4''

Built in precision casting of stainless steel where is supplemented the not return valve with double guide to avoid the blocking.

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NUOVA STAA POMPE Srl Via della Chimica, 30 - Zona Asi

72015 Fasano (Brindisi - Italy)

Tel. +39 080 4425841

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In these pages are indicated all the necessary support to our customers.


The order confirmations are exclusively sent by the fax number +39 080 4422056. Our firm reserves the right to cancel partially or totally the order if some particular circumstance ask for. Our firm, with discretion, will be able to decline the orders that for quantity or quality are different to the offer previously formulated. Orders sent to our agents become valid if they are accepted and validated by our trade management.


Buyer cannot refuse partial deliveries. Staa Pompe doesn't guarantee any delivery to fixed date, expept particular conditions or specific agreements. Delivery date indicated on our order confirmations are not binding. Contingent delay in deliveries, cannot give rise to delay of payment or request of compensation for damages. Buyer must pick up the ordered goods within 5 working days from the date of communication of the readiness of the order.

Possible debits for stop of third party or carrier are charged to the receiver. If goods is delivered in free port with our motor vehicle or through carrier, the carriage will be charged except for different agreements in phase of order. Goods thavel at buyer's risk. Possible platform, crates or wood case will be charge at cost except different agreements. In any case, all kind of package is to consider to lose, except different agreements.

Claims and Returns

The time valid for presentation of claims is of 10 days after the receiving of goods and they have to be written. If goods is defective or not conformable to the order, our company will provide to replace the same in free of charge as soon as possible to the initial supply or to credit to the buyer the good's value, if the replacemnt is not possible. Returns of good that have sustained some working, that have been incorrect preserved or wrongly ordered by the buyer will not be accepted.

Returns of good will be accepted only if they reply to the above-mentioned regulations and if the buyer's delivery note of claim reports the essential data of our selling document.


The sold goods remains of property of Staa Pompe until its complete payment, which it will happen only to our address or through credit institutions near which they domicile the payment. In case of delay of payment will be apply the interests equal to the prime rate increased of three points from the date of non-payment.

Staa Pompe reserves the right to demand whichever type of guarantee anytime that it assures the good outcome of the payment even if not agreed previously. All the payments with expiration 31 August and 31 December will be postpone to day 10 of the successive month.

The buyer have to control that the fiscal data brought back on all documents correspond to those supplied. In case they turned out inexact or incomplete, we will not think resposibles of the sanctions of which to the article 633/72 if we won't receive written communication of the inexact data. For all that is not specified in the general conditions of sale, will make reference to the laws currently in vigor.
N.B. For every controversy will be nominated competent the forum of Brindisi.


This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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