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for submersible pumps 4''

Built in precision casting of stainless steel where is supplemented the not return valve with double guide to avoid the blocking.

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Hydric plants automatic GS-GV STAA POMPE offers a new range of products "Pomps of Drain and Sewerage" employed for the carriage of different types of liquids. The constructive specifications and the technical dataof of submersible electropump for yard and sewerage system are placed side by side by on catalogue download in the reserved area (My Account).

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Hydric plants automatic GS-GV STAA POMPE introduced the new catalogue of the Hydric plants automatic us for the pressurization of water distribution networks, Hydric plants GS modular standards until 3 pumps and Hydric plants GV to constant pressure until 5 pumps. Download the complete Catalogue Hydric plants GS in the reserved area.

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Staa Pompe participates to various manifestations: The Staa Pompe introduces the water group of sopraelevazione of new generation, to constant pressure with invester of frequency for the water distribution in residential buildings, lodges, hospitals, community, schools, industries, etc.

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This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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