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System with hydric plants
System with group GV water System to constant pressure for field from Golf with electric pumps stadium series KV.

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Gruppi idrici


With the partition "Hydric plants", Staa Pompe works in the field of water's distribution to put the fire out according UNI 9490 and 10779 to provide to hydric lack in the net of distribution for civil, community and industrial building, irrigation plants, project for aqueduct engagement.

Technical capacity of Staa Pompe allows to work comfortably in the civil and industrial fields and to answer to the most severe specifics requested. Staa Pompe supplies hydric plants able to be utilized when is necessary to pump water or other fluids, to make hydric supplying from external source, etc.

Hydric plants of Staa Pompe are realized with avant-garde technologies and advanced components that assure an optimum mechanical resistance and an excellent electric reliability. The optimum performances are guaranteed thanks to the rigorous controls that are execute on all the components during the different phases of production. Moreover, the special design allows a limited encumbrance, an easy access to the different components, simplifying the operations of maintenance and reparation. The existing technology and the acquired experience in this field put Staa Pompe in an absolute competitiveness on the national and foreign market and this is also a guarantee of continuity and expansion.

Hydric Plants GS

Standard pressure plants with fixed speed
Hydric Plants GVH and GVA

Constant pressure plants with variable speed
Hydric Plants GNU

Pressurization plants for firefighting plants EN12845 and EN10779



This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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