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System with hydric plants
System with group GV water System to constant pressure for field from Golf with electric pumps stadium series KV.

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They are conceived to feed water for automatic working in suitable quantity for fight the fire through:

  • Naspi, Hydrants, Sprinkler, etc
Gruppi idrici Gruppi idrici
^ Fire fighting plant EN 12845
prepared with N. 2 motor pumps and N. 1 jockey pump.  
^ Fire fighting plant EN 12845 and UNI 10779
prepared with N. 2 multistage pump and N. 1 jockey pump fully in stainless steel AISI 316.


Plants are generally made up with one or more feeding pumps and with one jockey pump suitable to restore the water reserve in the pressure tank reintegrating the loss or the drawing without make intervene the feeding pumps of the plants, collected on one base and connected among them through a delivery collector, electrically wired and tested in factory. All the plants are built according to EN 12845 and UNI 10779 regulations.


  • Centrifugal pumps;
  • Direct starting till 11 kW over star-delta starting;
  • Three-phase 380/400V 50HZ;
  • Maximum exercise pressure 16 bar;
  • Maximum water temperature 40° C, for submersible pumps 25° C;
  • For the other performances and technical characteristics of the pumps consult the specific catalogues.

For other data of operation and technical characteristics of the electropumps, consult the specific ones catalogues.


  • Feeding pump;
  • Jockey pump;
  • Electric board for control and of feeding pumps;
  • Electric board for monitoring the working of the pumps;
  • Delivery collector full of valves, dimensioned for a maximum speed of water of 6 m/s;
  • Expansion tank with membrane;
  • Starting device equipped of: manometers, N.2 manostats connected in series with contacts normally closed;
  • Eccentric cones and vacuum gauge in suction, dimensioned for water speed of 1,5 m/s for overhead plants and 1,8 m/s for underhead plants;
  • Immediate delivery gauge + collector + valve;
  • Diaphragm calibrated for water re-circle;
  • Recovery device for suction conduit;
  • Kit delivery gauge;
  • N.2 batteries for the starting for motorpump, diesel tank and underglass board for emergency starting;
  • Base;
  • Support electric boards.

Pumps are centrifugal with horizontal axle EN 733, vertical or submersible, with automatic starting and manual stop. Acceptance tests are conform to ISO 9906 regulation of rotodynamic pumps.

Motors: for the working of the pumps they should be electric or diesel. Every motor is provided of its own control board and of its own starting, automatic and manual system.

Control boards: is foreseen for every service pump, auxiliary motorpump and jockey pump an independent control board; while for all the other function of monitoring of the pumps, the system is provided of an auxiliary and control board auto-feed with buffer batteries, to install in garrison local. All the alarms through a programmable controller operate an acoustic and luminous signal, the system is provided of a device for the cover-up of the acoustic alarms, while the visual indicators continue to work, until the plant is restored in the normal condition stand-by (appendix D of the norm).



This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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