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System with hydric plants
System with group GV water System to constant pressure for field from Golf with electric pumps stadium series KV.

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Multistage Elctropumps:   Series KH   Series KM   Series KV

Centrifuge multistage orizontal pumps KM

Centrifuge multistage vertical pump KM of modern concept and noiseless, with mechanical seal, accomplishment direct between motor and pump with single shaft in stainless steel, delivery body and intake in gray iron, impellers and diffusers in polycarbonate with fibre, external housing, spacer ring and shave ring in stainless steel. The quality of these engaged materials, allows an excellent resistance to abrasions and corrosions.


Suitable for waterworks of procurement and pressurization, in uses of: Elettropompe Multistadio KM

  • System of hydric supplying for civil uses and industrial
  • Irrigation at rain and at slip
  • Superelevation plants
  • Various industrial appliances


  • Deliveries up to 18 m3/h
  • Heads up to 98 m
  • Temperature of pumped liquid from 0 to +50 °C
  • Maximum temperature of habitat from +40 °C
  • Maximum working pressure 10 bar (1000 kPa)
  • Vertical fixed installation
  • Anticlockwise rotation seen from motor

  • Asynchronous type 2 poles, closed, cooled with external ventilation
  • Single-phase tension 220/240 V
  • Three-phase tension 380/415 V
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Power until 2,2 kW
  • Protection’s level of motor IP 44
  • Protection’s level of terminal block IP 55
  • Class of F insulation
  • Protection of single-phase motor thermal-ampere incorporated and condenser permanently included
  • Protection of three-phase motor with termal relay according to VDE, trip class 10 or 10 A/trip time < 10 s at 5 x A



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This catalogue may be different in the constructive specifications of design and photos, and the technical and constructive data can be change without any notice.


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